There once was a young teenager that living in Portugal fascinated to discover a new world: the world of Heavy-Metal.
The saga began in the summer of 1988 when the couple decided to create a fan club of Heavy Metal. In an era of scarce information, without magazines or the Internet, a simple record was a rarity. There were only two or three stores that imported LP's in Lisbon but unfortunately came to our country for weeks and sometimes months after edited. For this reason the fan clubs of Heavy Metal played an important role. Since the publication of fanzines
, the recordings, the fan clubs organized gatherings and concerts with Portuguese bands (the few that exist).
Initially designed to be a neighborhood club and with the name inspired by the song "Guardians" of the "Walls of Jericho" of HELLOWEEN, soon began to attract partners all over the country. The disclosure made by the newspaper "Blitz", the legendary "Lança-Chamas" on Radio Comercial and author of several programs dedicated to Metal contributed to the success. Performed on pirate radio, gave a strong contribution to the diffusion of Metal in Portugal and despite the amateurish things were done by "the love sweater" (such as fan clubs).
But the true fan clubs must have a fanzine. So in November 1988 is published the first issue - "Abimo". Until 1992 were published about thirty numbers. However, to serve the young nation was called upon to perform compulsory military service.
During the first two years the monthly fanzine was available. Once every two months and has 24 pages.
To celebrate the first year of existence was edited a special edition with 48 pages. With the cover paper pony and a compilation tape of six national bands, the fanzine "Guardians of Metal vol. 1 "There was entitled to two more volumes on tape. Its end came with the fourth volume now in CD format.
Apart from these compilations I release  demos of Afterdeath, Gilbert's Feed and Poker Alho.

After military duty met the young replacing the fanzine for a small newsletter, accompanied by a catalog of merchandise.
This is when I start to develop the post sale service and be present at various festivals and concerts with a panel of merchandise.
After working in the Bimotor record shop in the last quarter of 1994, I decided to take the business seriously.
Thus is born the label "Guardians of Metal", was in 1995.
With the publication of two CDs this year - "Nosferatu's Passion" of CANDLE SERENADE and  "Backwords" of AFTERDEATH - the publisher gets to have "legs to walk."
At this time the catalog was printed in offset and he even take the form of a magazine.
At the same time I ventured in organizing concerts of foreign bands. SINISTER in Lisbon and then a mini tour of three dates with ANCIENT RITES. This was followed by the festival "Southern Assault" headed by the Spanish and more BLAZEMTH four Portuguese bands included in the compilation of the same name (the first compilation of Portuguese bands Black-Metal).
At the same time it released the third release of "Guardians Of Metal". Followed Nameless "The Overcome Of ..." compilation "Guardians of Metal Vol IV," IN DARKNESS "Too cold inside," Firstborn Evil "Rebirth of evil," INFERNAL DREAMS "... And I dream," THE Firstborn "From the past yet to cone" and DESTROY "Access denied".
Unfortunately, due to limitations of the market, was never able to edit with the regularity that wish. He liked to have provided the more bands the chance to have their work published on CD. Currently publishing activity is frozen.
The first experience as a shop comes by the hand of the former editor of Punk / Hardcore Fast `N` Loud. At the time he had opened a store in the center of Lisbon, and was invited to share the store and put a section of metal. The store eventually closed without even a year old.
About three years later the "Guardians of Metal" opens as a shop. In November 1999 the metal see your address on Kaleidoscope Mall in Garden of Campo Grande in Lisbon.
The first months were difficult but soon the shop became known. Sales increased and consequently the stock of CDs and merchandise available as well. About a year and a half later come to occupy the premises of the shop next door, larger, where it remains today, providing greater variety of articles and more room to receive the best clients and friends.
The sale of tickets for concerts at the Hard Club which also led to organize dozens of trips from Lisbon to Gaia, guided by the relationship, good mood and some alcoholic excesses.
In 2005, after several failed attempts, finally arises site.
The store is present in some national festivals, and for the first time in major Spanish festivals - Atarfe Vega Rock, Vina Rock, Metal Rock Way and Piorno.
In the Summer of 2006 closed the shop and after the presence in the Metal Market of Wacken in Germany the activities are reduced to a small mailorder. I open a rehersal room for bands, more later a  Metal Pub called Iron Pub and after a merchandise online store, but the passion for the records is bigger and now in 2012 it´s time to return and dedicated more to label and mailorder!


                                                                                                  Sérgio Paulo Santos