GM 001 CD » CANDLE SERENADE "Nosferatu`s Passion" CD 1995  SOLD OUT

Vampiric Black-Metal influenced  by Gothic, Doom, Classic, Ethnic and Medieval music. 42 Minutes of atmospheric melancholy embraced with female voice.


GM 002 CD » AFTERDEATH "Back Words" CD 1995  SOLD OUT

Death/Thrash with a lot of influences and fucking aggressive vocals. Ten powerful tracks of groove and melody. One of the most know bands at Portugal in the nineties!


GM 003 CD » V/A "Southern Assault Vol.1" CD 1996   SOLD OUT

The first portuguese Black-Metal compilation ever! 13 blasphemic hymns from CANDLE SERENADE, FIRSTBORN EVIL, IN DARKNESS..., FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, INFERNAL DREAMS, CELESTIAL DARK, CELTIC DANCE, ANNWN, UNBURN, THE PANTMEON`S KEY, BLOODQUEST, THE SORCERER, PURGAR with 16 page booklet with portuguese Black-Metal history, photos and logos of all bands!


 GM 004CD » NAMELESS "The Overcome of the Portuguese Bastards" CD 1996 AVAILABLE - 10€

 Fast and agressive Speed/Thrash/Death-Metal in vein of old Kreator, Sodom and Destruction with the spirit of the eighties!


 GM 005 CD » V/A "Guardians Of Metal Vol. IV" CD 1997  SOLD OUT


GM 006 CD » IN DARKNESS... "Too Cold Inside" CD 1998   SOLD OUT 

Melodic Death/Black with keybords.


 GM 007 CD » FIRSTBORN EVIL "Rebirtth Of Evil" CD 1998 AVAILABLE - 10€

The debut album of the band that now known as THE FIRSTBORN.

Epic and atmospheric Black-Metal.


 GM 008 CD » INFERNAL DREAMS "And I dream..." CD 1999   SOLD OUT

 Emotional and Atmospheric Progressive Dark/Death-Metal. Includes a CD-Rom   video-clip.


 GM 009 CD » THE FIRSTBORN "From The Past Yet To Come" CD  2000   SOLD OUT

Second full-length for Portugal`s premier extreme Epic Metal band. Cover painting by veteran artist Joe Petagno.

 GM 010 CD » DESTROY "Access Denied" MCD  2002  AVAILABLE - 5€

 11 tracks of old school Grindcore in vein of early Napalm Death, Carcass & Repulsion!


 GM 011 LP AFTERDEATH “Unreal life (Demos & Rare tracks 1990-1997)” LP AVAILABLE - 15€


The 2 demos and rare tracks for the first time reunited on vinyl with A2 Poster, hand numbered and limited to 300 copies to be released in July 2012. Get your copy now for only 15€ + postage!!!



Side AFTER                                                              Side DEATH
1. Justice Manipulation                                          1. Intro
2. Live For Today                                                     2. Digital Horizons
3. Speaks On Your Thoughts (Inst.)                    3. Afterdeath
4. Hunger Calling                                                    4. Heart Of Fire
5. Deep In Natural Art (Inst.)                                  5. Fortune
6. Dark Atmosphere                                                6. World Deformed By Man
7. Death Is Calling                                                   7. Path In Blood (Live)

CD version limited to 500 copies at 10€


 GM 011 CD AFTERDEATH “Unreal life (Demos & Rare tracks 1990-1997)” CD




The 2 demos and rare tracks for the first time reunited on CD plus a live concert from 1991 to see at PC, limited to 500 copies. Get right now the CD for 10€ + postage or T-Shirt for only 15€ + postage or get both for only 20€ (+postage)!!!



1. Justice Manipulation                                          
2. Live For Today                                                     
3. Speaks On Your Thoughts (Inst.)                    
4. Hunger Calling                                                    
5. Deep In Natural Art (Inst.)                                  
6. Dark Atmosphere                                               
7. Death Is Calling
8. Intro
9. Digital Horizons
10. Afterdeath
11. Heart Of Fire 
12. Fortune
13. World Deformed By Man
Bónus: "Live in Festival Diz Sim à Vida", 14.07.1991, Estádio do Futebol Clube Barreirense 
(Vídeo Multimédia)                                            
 GM 011 TS AFTERDEATH “Unreal life” T-SHIRT 
AVAILABLE (Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton Sizes M, L and XL) - 15€



A new sub-label to re-release Portuguese Metal old stuff from 80`s in cooperation with Portuguese labels Blood & Iron Records and Soldiers of Metal Records!



 LMC01: V12-Born to Die/The Last Waltz: The Diehard Tapes DOUBLE CD (Split Release with Metal Soldiers and Blood & Iron) AVAILABLE - 15€

LUSITANIAN METAL CLASSIX SERIES: This is the first release of a series called Lusitanian Metal Classix, made up by three Portuguese labels: Blood & Iron, Metal Soldiers & Guardians of Metal. The aim is to bring to the collectors Heavy metal market the unknown glories of Portuguese Metal from the 80's decade and early 90's.
Considered one of the best Portuguese Metal bands ever, this band started out in 1984, but only in 1987 they recorded their first demo "Born to Die", with four studio tracks. After a while in 1988, one memorable concert was recorded on audio and video bootleg, to spread around for the fans. The audio and video still today is being shared nationally and internationally by fans of the band and curious headbangers. This anthology will include the full gig along with the demo, since the live sound is very good, which many even consider better than their demo. Also a two-song rehearsal and the 1988 show on video-tape as bonus mpeg. This is the early stage of V12 with first singer Raf Maya, very influenced by Manowar, in fact the band at this stage can be compared to a mix of early Helloween, Manowar and even Manilla Road! Their epic approach makes sense comparing with the last two bands and even some Maiden from the Piece of Mind-era. The faster songs have an obvious early Helloween influence but also early Metallica/Slayer. This is absolute steel of the highest order: Power-Speed Metal with heroic high pitch vocals!  This is an old project that only this year will finally see the light of day: Originally intended as a reissue with the Raf Maya (first singer) era, this suddenly extended to the second era (Jorge Martins on vocals, the one in the full lenght vinyl recorded in 1990). Since for legal reasons is nearly impossible to take off the album of the greedy Universal Music offices and reissue to the headbangers out there, we decided to include a very rare promotion gig of the album recorded in 1990 on the same place the live 1988 with Raf Maya of vocals was recorded: Rock Rendez Vous, the mythical venue in Lisbon, where lots of Metal bands played throughout the 80's. This performance is brutal, revealing the true power and heaviness of the songs on the album (the studio recording for the album was too clean and thin sounding), theres also two unreleased tracks on the live show which makes this mandatory for any V12 fan! For those who don't know, this second era of the band turns into a more Prog-Power direction influenced mainly by late 80s Maiden, Fates Warning and early Queensrïche. Presented in a 20 page booklet full of rare photos, extensive biography, memorabilia, etc.